Драйвер sony xperia m2

Choose the Driver you want to install and then Click on Next. Your Driver will be installed and listed in the Device Manager. Right-click on the file and Run as administrator. Follow the on-screen instructions. The notification area and settings.

The app drawer is laid out across multiple pages and you can sort the apps manually, alphabetically, by the most used or most recently installed. The menu with those settings is accessible via a swipe from the left edge of the screen and you can also search apps and even uninstall apps from there.

The Xperia M2 uses the stock Android task manager that lets you switch between recently opened apps, as well as terminate them with a side-swipe. The so-called "small apps" are also available in the Xperia M2 and are accessible via the task manager. You can launch only one instance of a Small App, but you can open multiple Small Apps simultaneously. On the other side of the handset is an uncovered microUSB port leaving the headphone port to sit along the top.

Interestingly there is a notification light that shows up just to the left of the speaker. This illuminates while the M2 is on charge, as well as when you have a text message. At the base of the screen is another light, very discretely hidden. Packed behind the screen is a 1. Despite the microSD support I was disappointed to find that only 5GB of the internal space was accessible. A mAh battery is also included to power the M2. Editing videos with the Movie Creator application.

Hiding photos and videos. Album home screen menu. Viewing your photos on a map. Videos Watching videos in the Video application. Transferring video content to your device. Connectivity Mirroring the screen of your device wirelessly on a TV. Connecting your device to USB accessories. Using your device as a wallet. Travel and maps Using location services.

Using data traffic when travelling. Calendar and alarm clock Calendar. Support and maintenance Support for your device. Finding a lost device. Finding the identification number of your device.

драйвер sony xperia m2

Managing files using a computer. Sound, ringtone and volume. Unlocking your device automatically. Enhancing the sound output. Typing text On-screen keyboard.

Entering text using voice input. Personalising the on-screen keyboard. Using the call log. Searching and viewing contacts. Adding and editing contacts. Adding medical and emergency contact information. Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application. Messaging and chat Reading and sending messages. Calling from a message. Instant messaging and video chat. Email Setting up email. Sending and receiving email messages.

Organising your email messages. Music Transferring music to your device.