Драйвер asus x555s

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Features Tech in Style. Most LED panels emit blue light - the main cause of macular degeneration and retinal problems. Short circuit Protection The battery automatically shuts off when the control board detects a short circuit. Temperature Protection The polymer battery provides a level of safety that surpasses industry standards; while the JEITA-compliant battery-temperature monitoring software provides an added level of safety and reliability. Charm Right Edge Swipe.

Webpage Scrolling Up and Down. Larger and Smarter Touchpad The larger mm x 74mm touchpads found on the X Series have a palm rejection feature which differentiates between actual fingertip and palm contact to counter unintentional cursor movement.

Other touchpad mm x 74mm. Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Good looks and decent specs equals excellent daily driver Source: Laptop Media We are, however, satisfied with the keyboard and touchpad experience as well as the battery life.

It will serve well even to users searching for a more durable low-end laptop. But it will be extremely hard for the notebook to beat other similarly priced alternatives on the market such as the HP ProBook G3, which holds the edge over the X in terms of build quality and performance, or some configurations from the Acer Aspire F5 and E15 lineup.

Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: Good ergonomy; powerful hardware. Attractive design; decent speakers. Check out the numbers below for details:. The trackpads are identical in size, but actually feel different.

The one on the metallic K is smoother and is surrounded by a nice beveled edge, but is quite noisy when it comes to registering taps and physical clicks, while the one of the plastic model feels somewhat harsher, but is quieter. There a few things I should note here. Check out the results below. As expected the Core i5 unit gets higher scores in any CPU test and only slightly better results in Graphics benchmarks.

Thus, it should come to no surprise that these two devices offer similar performance in games. I also ran stress tests with Prime 95 and Furmark for 1 hour.

On the X configuration, the CPU settles to a Mhz frequency after about 10 minutes ran slightly higher before that , while the graphics run at Mhz for the entire duration of this test.

On the metallic K model, the CPU runs at the default 1. On top of these, the hardware barely hits 70 C under stress. I will add that these two run fairly cool and quiet, even under load. Check out the pictures below for stress-testing temperatures, which is basically the hottest you should expect these things to run.

In fact, they are really punchy running the Pharell- Happy clip from Youtube at max volume resulted in peaks of up to 95 dB, again, 50 cm away , although the sound coming out of them is average at best. Both units can maximize my connection when next to the router and both perform alright even at 30 feet with 3 walls in between. But the metallic model does get somewhat slower than its plastic kin in this particular case, which is normal and expected.

Asus put a small 37 Wh battery on them, which only translates in about 4 hours of daily use, which is… meh. The K configuration with the Core i3 processor does last an average of about 30 minutes longer in everyday use. There are countless configurations available for these laptops, with different code names in different regions. I will only some of them here. The KLN models will be available with the metallic design present in this review, as well as an x px display.

See the configurations below:. On the other there are the plastic X models, whose only major selling point are the colorful cases. They are more expensive than some of the other similarly configured Asus laptops, like a few of the X or the X models, they lack the removable batteries and actually pack poorer displays. While not bad, the X and K lines have very little that could set them apart from their competitors.

For the right price though, these might be worth buying. And then there are also the competitors to consider. Even so, if you can find them cheap and I mean significantly cheaper than they are right now, at launch , they might be worth buying. I have noticed that the screen has vertical lines, this lines are visible when you using the bright colors Sky Blue, lighter pink, neon green and etc. I have already refer this issue to the store where I purchased the unit. But, all of their replacement units has this vertical lines.

I just bought an xld and noticed the vertical lines also. So is this normal? Do you think this can be fixed with color calibration? Do you think a Asus X LD, i7 with 8gb ram would be good for graphic design?

драйвер asus x555s

Now you can reach out to your love ones or anyone else while looking great. The camera comes in handy when you need to keep in touch with friends and family through full screen video chats. Value-packed with all the essentials, the X Series reinvents your daily computing experience. Whether you are using it for work or for fun, this is an ideal machine for both productive computing and entertainment.

ASUS X Series gives you everything you need for a truly satisfying multitask computing and multimedia experience. They integrate faster processors, more powerful graphics and an advanced onboard memory controller adequate for daily multitask computing or multimedia entertainment. ASUS X Series can handle more applications at once without slowing down, resulting in very rewarding usage for work and pleasure, all within a slim form factor.

драйвер asus x555s

This Instant on 2-second resume means so long notebook reboot frustration, and get back into fun and productivity delay-free. With instant on functionality enabled, ASUS notebooks can remain in standby mode for an incredible two weeks!