Acer aspire d270 драйвер

Black - Acer Aspire One Netbook This would make an excellent netbook for a child, college student, or really anyone! This is a The guidelines are below. Laptop DC Power Jacks. Acer Aspire One D Acer Aspire One D Notebook.

The laptop has fresh install of Windows 7. The hard drive has been wiped blank. We do not currently provide this service. Item is in good physic Item is in fair physical condition as pictured.

This netbook is used.

acer aspire d270 драйвер

It has been tested to boot into bios only. No further testing has been done. Aspire One ZE7 D Going green, and recycling is a necessi The Acer Aspire One D is equipped with a A small webcam is built into the display. We saw no difference between battery and AC power, and brightness appeared constant across the screen.

The picture distorts quickly with any deviation from an ideal angle, especially vertically. We took several pictures of the distortion from different angles using the same shutter speed and aperture in a darkroom. In the end, Intel withdrew DX As expected, the netbook places itself in the lower third of our benchmark database. Consequently, the netbook only managed points making a fair comparison impossible.

Subjectively, the netbook feels slow an unresponsive. Office apps take a long time to open, page loading is sluggish especially with multiple tabs open, and more than basic multitasking is all but impossible.

The drive manages an average transfer rate of Adding an SSD would certainly help performance, but as noted above the D is awkward to work in: After recording poor but not unexpected 3DMark results, we tried to test performance with actual games.

However, most games refused to start or crashed repeatedly. The netbook only managed 12 frames per second - for the record, 30 fps is usually considered the minimum for acceptable play. HD videos, at least, run without problems. The image only stuttered occasionally when watching movies on YouTube. In another test, we connected the netbook to an external monitor with a resolution of x pixels via HDMI. Our measured rates were between The netbook also remains pleasantly quiet under load.

Our measured maximum was a very good The D idles practically at room temperature. We measured a maximum of Even after running at high load for several hours, we measured a maximum of Decent treble, but nonexistent bass. Max volume, at least, is enough for personal listening. Of course, external speakers can be connected via the HDMI port or the 3.

acer aspire d270 драйвер

We measured a maximum power consumption of 7. Even under heavy load, we measured only The included 40 watt power adapter is more than sufficient.

One of the most important criteria in netbooks is battery life. The D has a fairly standard 6-cell battery rated at 49 watt hours which we put to the test with BatteryEater. The netbook lasted 8 hours and 24 minutes. For this test, we selected the high performance profile, enabled both wifi and Bluetooth, and set the brightness level to maximum. The result was remarkable: The Acer Aspire One D ran for 5 hours and 44 minutes.

Other major benefits include Bluetooth 4. The onboard Intel graphics is another sore spot, particularly with the availability of far more capable E-series processors from AMD. You know the tradeoff: In particularly the high battery performance during load convinces us completely.